Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Why Should Students Blog?

I found this video on Teacher Tube from a teacher in New Zealand that uses blogging with her students. This proves that the web creates a global audience for our students:)

Check out these blogs created by this video's author, Rachel Boyd, and her students:
Rachel Boyd's blog
Room 9 Nelson Central's 2008 blog
Their 2008 writing blog

Finally, here is Rachel's wiki with information about setting up your own blog.

Thanks Rachel for allowing me to share your great ideas with the world!


Pam Thompson said...

This is a great video about the benefits of blogging. I used it recently in a workshop I ran for teachers. Rachel is certainly setting a great example to others.

Rene Torres Visso said...

Excelente video, muestra de manera sencilla y objetiva, lo interesante que es el uso en los blogs en la educaciĆ³n.

Saludos fraternos,

Rene Torres.