Thursday, July 17, 2008

Elluminate and the Promethean IWB

A new idea I've stumbled upon this week - using my Elluminate vRoom with my Promethean IWB to collaborate with classrooms across the world. This occurred to me while working in Elluminate in one of my online courses for grad school, where I meet with my two group members once or twice a week and collaborate to complete our assignments. This is my first experience using a virtual meeting room, and I love it! First, we gather our ideas on Google Docs, then transfer to a Word document, which I can share with the other two members through Elluminate. We can actually watch as one person takes over another's computer (cool and scary!).

Anyway, let's get to the point of this blog. As I am watching other people take control of the Word document open on my computer, I begin to wonder how this might work with Activstudio, the software that comes with the purchase of a Promethean IWB. So later that evening, I decided to try it out. I signed into my vRoom from two separate computers, which were sitting right next to each other. I opened up a new flipchart, and shared it from my PC to my MAC.

It seemed to work at first, until I tried to find the main toolbar on the shared computer. Unfortunately, it was invisible (still looking into this!). Since the computers were side-by-side, I was able to look at the original computer to click on different tools and try them out. It worked! I was able to manipulate the flipchart from another computer. i was able to share control back and forth, experimenting with how two or three classrooms could literally take turns creating a flipchart from anywhere in the world. Of course, now my mission is to find out what was going on with the invisible toolbar - perhaps a compatibility issue between my MAC and PC versions??? Don't know, but am looking for the solution. I have since found one person who has used this idea successfully in the past, and she has been kind enough to offer to help me out.

Promethean IWBs are found throughout the nation and the world, so of course I am excited to find other teachers who would be willing to collaborate on a project integrating Activstudio and Elluminate. I would love to hear of any other success stories from teachers who have already tried this out. And of course, if anyone can help with the invisible toolbar problem, that would be great:)

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Pam Thompson said...

Hi Kim

I use a Promethean IWB but have to say I'd never thought of this sort of collaborative use. Could be interesting.