Friday, May 23, 2008

Developing a Technology Club

I am interested in creating a technology club for the 3-5 graders at my elementary school. Before I approach my principal, I am outlining a plan that details why this club would be an asset to our school and I am looking for assistance from others who may have started a similar club in their school to offer their suggestions.

Here is the first draft of the plan:

Elementary Technology Club

Purpose: The Technology Club was designed to assist students in developing 21st century skills needed to plan, research, and create projects that focus on solving real-world problems using 21st century tools.

Time: The FTCT will meet once a week on Monday in an assigned classroom from 2:05-3:00 for 15 weeks.

Week 1: Introduction to Project Based Learning and 21st Century Skills
Collaboration and Team Work

Week 2: The Planning Process
Determining the Guiding Question and Forming Groups

Week 3: The Planning Process
Determining the Supporting Questions and the Resources Needed

Week 4: The Gather/Research Process
What is Research?
Copyright – Why is it Important?
Safe Internet Usage

Weeks 5 - 8 – The Gather/Research Process
Developing Research Skills
Finding and Using Appropriate Resources
Using Our Own Words – Citing Sources

Week 9 – The Build Process
Determining the Best Platform to Present Information
Creating a Storyboard

Weeks 10 - 13 – The Build Process
Creating a Storyboard
Using Appropriate Media Resources to Make Points

Week 14 – The Build Process
Complete Presentations
Citing Sources
How Do We Know We’re Finished?

Week 15 – Presentation
Presentation of Group Projects
How Can We Share with the World?

Any suggestions for additions/improvements or good resources to help teach my students these skills are greatly appreciated! Feel free to post a comment or email me with suggestions:)

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Tracy said...

Sounds like a great club! It's amazing how savvy even young kids are with technology these days. I've found some great ebooks at that have helped me teach my students to get the most out of the hi-tech resources available to us now. Good luck!